4 Powerful Things You Can do to Help Overcome Your Past

Overcoming your past is one of the hardest things you can do in your lifetime, yet it is the most important thing you can do for yourself.

Our past has an overwhelming invisible hold on us.

It can shape how we interact with the world, and have long reaching after effects on us.

The past can dictate how you experience relationships, love, success, and daily life. It can drive you to make the same detrimental mistakes over and over again.

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All of these reasons and more are why it is so important to do the Shadow Work necessary to overcome your past and have a healthy, happy future.

But where do you start? It seems like such a huge task, and honestly, it is. Most of us hold onto our pasts with a vice grip. Some of us never get over it at all.

The key to overcoming your past is to actively seek to heal from it. That means, putting in the time and effort that healing requires.

That’s why I’ve put together a list, of four powerful things you can actively do to overcome your past, below.

Understand that healing is a journey, and it comes in waves. There is no instant fix, and doing one of these exercises once will not make you feel magically all better. It takes a long time to overcome your past. However, these things can really help you with repeated use and time.


Any time you are doing any kind of Shadow Work, you may experience strong emotions. Things like, anger, despair, crying, and joy can all hit you without warning. Take the steps necessary to ensure that you’re in a safe, healthy, and quiet space before you partake in any kind of Shadow Work. Having someone you trust, that you can talk to, afterwards can also be very helpful.

Without further ado.

Healing from Abuse

1. Meditate or Pray

Use whichever works best for you.

There will be at least one toxic person, or traumatic event that you’ve experienced in the past. Some of us have many more than one. If that’s true for you, then dedicate each new prayer or meditation to a different experience until you’ve gotten through it all.

Sit in a quiet space, or maybe you pray before bed, it doesn’t matter when. The point is to take at least 15 minutes to yourself, to dedicate to this exercise.

When you’re in your quiet space, think about the event, repeated events, or person that you’re resentful of from your past. Think about it in great detail. Doing this helps you to process the first wave of emotions that will undoubtedly follow.

The next step will be to think about why this hurt you. Think about all of the things that this particular event/person from your past, has influenced in your life thus far.

Do you find it hard to trust people because this person hurt you? Do you avoid certain situations because of that particular event? Dig deep. Maybe there’s things you do that you don’t even realize were caused by your past.


The third and final stage in this exercise is to summarize the last 15 minutes that you’ve experienced and then pray positively for it, or if you meditate, surround your experience with light and love before you send it off.

Ending the exercise with positivity helps you to see this traumatic event/person in a different light. Instead of carrying around hurt, anger, and resentment in your heart, you are choosing to see your past for what it was. A series of experiences that shaped you into the person you are today.

Celebrate that person, and be grateful for what your past has taught you. Self Love is extremely important for growth and happiness.

2. Do Written Journal Exercises

This one is my favorite, because well, I’m a writer. Also, I’m a visual learner, so writing everything down has always helped me tremendously.

Go on Pinterest and download any relevant printable journal exercise, or journal prompt you can find.

Use the collective brilliance of other people to help you heal and grow. There’s tons of free, or very inexpensive information out there at your disposal.

overcome your past

My favorite printable work book of all time is super extensive, and really delves deeply into your inner shadows. It’s by Kelly Ann Maddox and it’s called 25 Heavy Duty Shadow Work Journal Prompts. It also happens to be free.

I offer a journal exercise workbook called 7 Step Challenge: Let go of Your Past on Etsy. There are 7 heavy hitting challenges, that require you to actively participate. Which is what helps you to overcome your past a lot quicker.

Check them all out! See what works best for you.

3. See a Counselor or Talk to Someone You Trust

This one can be really hard for people. Going to a therapist is viewed as such a negative thing, when really it can be very freeing and enlightening. Though, I understand it can also be a very expensive experience, that not everyone can afford.

That’s why I added in the second option. Find a family member, or someone you trust, and schedule some time to sit down and talk it all out.

Talking through your past is such a cathartic way to overcome it. It can be scary to say certain things out loud, but a lot of times, the physical act of voicing your past hurts can release their grip on you.

The other person that you’re talking to might offer you a different perspective on things too, which may just end up being the important light bulb moment you need in order to heal.

Never under estimate the power of talking things through.

InnerTalk: Change has never been easier!

4. Hypnosis or Binaural Beats

Okay, okay…..I know. This one sounds a little crazy, but hear me out.

Hypnosis is no longer the image of a person lying on a couch in a therapists office with a pocket watch swinging in front of them. It has evolved, and it’s actually very scientific.

Scientists have discovered that certain sound-wave frequencies can trigger certain parts of our brain to enhance its functioning.

Different sound waves target different areas of the brain, which means that you can download a binaural beat that has been specifically made to target the area of your brain that processes your past.

It’s the same concept as subliminal messaging, but for healing!

There’s and online company called Inner Talk that has an endless supply of hypnosis tools for every area of your life that you’d like to enhance. They’ve been around since the 80’s and are very reputable. Check their website out here.

So there you have it!

4 things you can do to help overcome your past.

I hope at least one of these tools helps you get a little bit closer to the happiness and freedom from your past that you desire.

Happy Healing!

Love Courtney

InnerTalk: Change has never been easier!