5 Signs You’re Stuck in Life, and What to do About it

Feeling stuck in life can be hard to diagnose.  Often we don’t know that we feel stuck, we just know that something isn’t quite right.

We display certain behaviors that cue us in, but unless you know what you’re looking for, they can be easy to miss.  Recognizing the behaviors means taking a good hard look at ourselves, and all too often people are not interested in doing that kind of work.

For those of you who are interested in recognizing the signs, however, I’ve put together a little list to help you understand what being stuck in life looks like.

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1.You Become Depressed

feeling stuck

This is probably the most common symptom.

You start to feel inexplicably tired, and cranky. Lose interest in things you once loved to do, or your life in general.  You feel hopeless, like you will never feel happy again, and may even suffer from insomnia.

If you are experiencing these feelings then you are definitely depressed, but it’s also a sign you may be feeling stuck.

That’s because most often, depression isn’t clinical, it’s a sign that something isn’t jiving in your world.

2. You’re Projecting

When I say that you might be projecting, I mean that whatever is wrong in your life, you recognize in someone else’s, and might also accuse someone of certain behaviors that are actually things that you do.

You project your own behavior or issues onto someone else.

We do this because it’s harder to look at ourselves than it is to analyze someone else.  It’s also very easy to ignore that you might be projecting.

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3.  You’re Having Relationship Issues.

One of the most destructive things we do when we feel stuck in life is to turn to our relationships and identify them as the cause of our problems.

We begin to pick fights and fantasize that someone else is to blame for our unhappiness.  Lashing out at those closest to us because they’re easy targets is also a possibility.

Unfortunately, this can continue until we figure out why we feel the way we feel.

4. Anxiety About the Future

Thoughts race. Heart rate increases. Breathing becomes constricted.

You don’t know what the future holds, and it looks bleak from where you’re standing.

There’s anxiousness because you have no direction. How can you be excited about the future if you don’t know what you want from it?

You have no goals, so you have nowhere to throw your energy, and it manifests as nervousness and anxiety.

You’re scared.

anxious woman

5. You are Overcompensating

Over-spending on frivolous things is a huge sign of overcompensation.

You could also be throwing yourself into meaningless projects that you’ll end up abandoning because you don’t actually care about them.

You might even over-commit to engagements or responsibilities.

Some people add a lot of extra animals to their lives in a very short amount of time.

You are trying to fill up a void with things and activities, and you may not realize you’re doing it.  You are simply reaching out for anything and everything that feels good to you at the moment.

It’s almost always ends up feeling like a huge mistake, because whatever it is, isn’t the answer you’re looking for., and it can put you into financial hot water.

What Can You do to Get Unstuck?

The first step is recognizing the signs.  If you are displaying all of these behaviors, then you are likely dissatisfied with something in your life.

The next step is to ferret out what that might be.  Ask yourself a bunch of questions, but be careful!

It is so easy to blame it on one thing when it is something else.  You could think that it’s your relationship that is causing the issue, when really it’s just that you hate where you live.


Ask yourself:

  • Am I feeling appreciated or challenged enough at work?  Is there something there that isn’t quite right? If so, is there something I can do to fix it?
  • Am I unhappy with my living circumstances?  Can I fix that in some way?
  • Is there a new level of understanding that I need to reach in my relationships that I’ve been ignoring? Or, is it actually my relationship that is causing the problem?

Systematically go through each area of your life, and try to figure out which part is the trigger.

girl in mirror

Leave your thinking brain open to any possibility.

Once you do figure out what is making you feel stuck, try not to come up with reasons why it can’t be changed for the better.

So many people do this. They do the hard work of figuring themselves out, and then they give up because the next step feels impossible.

Don’t give up, and don’t make excuses.

Do you want to continue to feel stuck?  No?  Then do something about it, even if you only take one little baby step.

Progress is progress, and it’s healthy.

We are evolutionary beings.  We were not meant to stay stuck in one way for the whole of our lives.  Things inevitably change, and it’s okay.

Embrace it, because it makes you a better person.

Okay, sorry, I had to put my tough love hat on there for a minute, but I just want the best possible life for everyone. I hate watching people struggle, when I know it could all be easily fixed by a different perspective.

Now go forth, and improve your situations my friends!

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Until then, Stay Courageous Friends!


InnerTalk: Change has never been easier!