6 Sneaky Signs You Might be Afraid of Success

Are you afraid of success?

  • Do you quit things when it gets a little tough?
  • Come up with reasons or excuses for why things won’t work out?
  • Make tiny hurdles into huge mountains that you can’t overcome?
  • Have you given up on multiple jobs or business ventures?
  • Does the idea of having to work so hard for something sound exhausting to you?
  • Do you believe that you can‘t be successful?

Then the answer is yes. You are afraid of success.

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The foundation for the will to persevere is generally taught to us early in life by things like sports, and supportive parents, teachers, or relatives.

But, what happens when we don’t have those things to push us in the right direction?

Being afraid of success stems from never seeing something to its completion, and therefore not knowing what it feels like to actually be successful.

afraid of success

If you don’t know how worth it, it is to stand there at the end of a venture and feel the overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment in yourself, then you’ll never push for that outcome.

So, what does this mean? 

How do you get past being afraid of success, now that you know what’s holding you back?

It starts by understanding that giving up on success can be a three-fold issue.

1. If we don’t believe that we can have success in our lives, it means we don’t feel worthy of it. We don’t love ourselves.

2.The second thing to consider is whether the business or field you’re currently in is right for you. If you don’t love something enough, and you don’t feel the burning desire to succeed at it, then you won’t. Multiple failed business starts, and a never-ending cycle of jobs or tasks that you quit may mean that you have no idea what you actually like to do. You’re just stabbing in the dark.

3 The third, and last issue, and probably the hardest pill to swallow for most of us, is that we have lazy brains.

If we never learn how to push past the mental hurdles that will undoubtedly pop up from time to time, then we can’t succeed.

fear of success
True success comes from people who never give up, and to never give up on something, and reap the rewards from it you have to:
  • Believe you’re worthy of the rewards
  • Be passionate about what you do
  • Never give up.

I challenge you to take the time to figure yourself out.  Meditate, plot bullet points, journal, or just sit out in nature with your cup of coffee, whatever works best for you.

Fully open your hearts and minds to any possibility.  What would you do if there were no constraints? You might surprise yourself with what you come up with, and when you figure it out, never give up on it.

As Nike used to say, “Just do it.”

Just get off the couch and do the work it takes, with no excuses, every day.

afraid of success

When you finally do finish something, bask in the new found confidence in yourself.

The hardest job to finish will always be the first one. After that, you’ll know you have what it takes to do it again in the future, and you’ll never be afraid of success again!

Have Courage My Friends,


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