About Me

courtney says

My name is Courtney Bowlin. I am a wife, mother and aspiring entrepreneur.

I’ve always been able to read people in a different way. I see what’s deep below the surface, without ever being told.

  • I’ve been through and seen so much struggle in my life.
  • Lived through and overcome anxiety and depression.
  • Personally witnessed abuse, addiction, and manipulation in many forms.
  • Talked to countless people about their similar experiences.
  • People consistently seek me out to confide in me and ask for advice without prompting from me.

I understand fear, struggle, and human nature on a core level.

I love to help people overcome their fears, and move past life struggles, so they can finally enjoy life for what it is; beautiful, and magical. Everyone deserves to live life free of fear and struggle. I am simply the tool through which to achieve it.

It is my calling.

With Love,