How Art can be Therapy

Even if You’re not an Artist.

I’m going to talk about Art Therapy.

I’m going to do something a little differently this week.

It still falls under the umbrella of what I do on this blog, but it also segways into a category that is near and dear to my heart; art

art therapy

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I’m sure you’ve seen all of the little pop up shops that offer a fun night out with the girls, or your significant other, where you paint and sip on alcohol.

Well, the art community might hate me for saying this, but I think those are the best inventions EVER!

Yes, you’re mass producing a painting that is popularly pretty and fun to look at, which can be taboo in the art world.

However, the benefits and the joy that people get from this experience are second to none.

I’ve personally watched people’s faces light up with joy when they find out they are far more artistic than they originally thought they were.

I’ve seen couples bond and laugh over a shared tragic outcome to their painting. Being a professional need not apply here.

With a little bit of coaching here, and a little bit of pushing there, everyone can be an artist.

This is how we get art therapy.

Sometimes we create our own stress, and to be able to push all of the overthinking aside, and spend a couple hours playing, is the best therapy we can ask for.

art therapy

Art therapy is the act of becoming a child again.

In order to get in touch with ourselves, and to shed all of the unnecessary drama we’ve created for ourselves in our lives, we need to get back in touch with our inner child.

You do not have to be a crazy good artist to do this!

Go buy one of those adult coloring books and some colored pencils, and set aside an hour or two to color at least once a week. You’ll be amazed what it does for your stress levels.

Do whatever speaks to you.

You can craft, paint, color, draw, write, or sew. The possibilities are endless. That’s the whole point of art, and art therapy. There are no boundaries. You get to be free. Free, of all of the anxiety, stress, and craziness of our daily lives.

If you’re not sure where to start, then go look at Pinterest for inspiration. It’s full of crafts and things you can do. If you think you’d be better off being coached by an artist, then schedule a night out at your local paint and sip studio. It’s not expensive, and it’s tons of fun!

Now, go forth and let your inner artist loose on the world!