How to Stop Negative Self-Talk Now!

We all do it.

We put ourselves down, again and again in our heads. Sometimes, we even do it out loud.

I’ve certainly been guilty of it.

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We believe that our bodies and our looks have let us down in some way, so we constantly chastise them for doing such a horrible thing to us.

Maybe we hate our thighs, or our nose. We can’t stand the way our voice sounds on a recording. Maybe our weight is a constant source of stress.

Or, maybe our hair looks flat after hours of prepping and curling, and tons of money spent on products to help lift it up…….or is that just me?

curly haired lady

Ahem…..moving on.

So many of us compare ourselves to whatever we think the ideal body type is. We see it on the media all the time. Girls have to be a size 2 with absolutely no fat on their bodies, and guys have to be 6′ 3″ with rock hard abs, in order to be viewed as attractive.

Breaking News!

Those “ideal sized” people are normal, and they have their own set of insecurities.

Somewhere along the line, we have decided that we weren’t good enough, and we have kept saying it to ourselves, over and over again, and now we believe it to be true.

I call this a Negative Tape.

*Side Note* it has just occurred to me that the “tape” reference will soon become obsolete…..sheesh!

We’ve created this mantra in our heads that we repeat to ourselves every time we look in the mirror. We are constantly reinforcing this negative self-image.

“I hate my fat/skinny thighs, flat/poofy hair, large nose, big/little butt….etc.”

What if, instead, every time we looked in the mirror, we said something like this?

“I embrace my fat/skinny thighs, flat/poofy hair, large nose, or big/little butt.”

man looking in the mirror

It stands to reason, that if you did this continually every day, for at least five minutes, that you would eventually override the negative self-talk.

I’m not asking you to love the things about yourself that you currently hate, no, that’s for further down the road.

I’m only asking you to take the first step, and embrace them as yours. You’re not going to go from hate to love right away.

Just be kind to yourself inside of your mind.

So, I challenge you to go forth and stand in front of the mirror in your underpants, for a full five minutes, while saying that you embrace all of your least favorite qualities.

Take that first step today!

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In the meantime, do the necessary work to make a difference in your life.

Stay courageous my friends!

Love Courtney

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