The Biggest Way You’re Creating Your Own Life Struggles

We all have life struggles. Some people struggle with relationships, some with home life, and others with careers, etc. Heck, some people struggle with all of it!

Most of the time people accept that this is just how life is. They grow up thinking that life is hard, end of story. Everything that has happened in their lives so far, backs this theory up, so it must be true.

I used to think that too.

life struggles

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I thought I would always deal with life struggles, and that this was just the hand I was dealt. I truly believed that nothing could be done about it

From experience, and a lot of healing, I’m telling you, it’s just not true.

The biggest way you create your own life struggles is by the power of your thoughts.

InnerTalk: Change has never been easier!

If you think it will always be hard, then it will be. When you feed your mind negativity, hardship, and sadness, it will create these things in your life.

If you think that life will be easy, fun, and happy, then it will be. When you tell your brain that you can have all of the things you want in life, and believe it, then these things will start to show up for you.

It sounds so easy right?

Well, yes and no. It is, and then again, it isn’t.

Learning to let go of negative thinking is like trying to break an addiction.

Some addicts succeed in their efforts to get clean immediately. Some, take lots of time and guidance to overcome their addiction. Others never get clean at all, no matter how many times they try.

Likewise, some of you will read this post, and that’s all you’ll need to have your light bulb moment. Others will remember that they read about this somewhere, years down the road when they’re finally ready for a change. Still, others will think I’m full of malarkey and forget what I’ve written entirely.

overcoming life struggle

The ease of overcoming life struggles and detrimental thought processes depends on the strength of addiction, and the willingness to overcome it.

So, the question you need to ask yourself isn’t, will I always suffer like this?

The question is, how low of a rock bottom do you need to hit before you’re ready to believe that the key to your recovery from bad thoughts, and life struggles is in your own hands?

Or, maybe put it this way. How much do you need to punish yourself before you’re ready to change your thoughts, and then change your life for the better?

Think about it.

Also, I’m not trying to say that bad things can’t still happen. They can and they will. The difference is all in how you handle it.

You can sit there and run through your old thought patterns……why is this happening to me? Will my life always be so shitty? I’m just bad luck. These are just the cards I was dealt……blah blah blah……

hand you were dealt

yeah….I know how that song and dance goes.

Or, when something hard happens, you can attack it like this……this is really hard, and sad, and I feel frustrated right now, but that doesn’t mean I have a bad life. It just means I’m having a bad moment. It will pass.

The choice is yours, my friend.

Life is short. It shouldn’t be wasted on misery. You should embrace it and enjoy it. Go out, and actually live the life you thought you could never have.

I dare you.

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Happy Healing Friends,


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