Yoga for Healing Emotional Trauma

Why it isn’t just for exercise

If someone would have told me four years ago, that yoga for healing my emotional trauma was a thing, I would have laughed at them.

I started my yoga journey much like most newbies would, I think, signing up for an hour long class. I thought, this will get me toned, and make me feel relaxed……. and then I got my butt thoroughly kicked.

The class followed the breathing exercises, and I held the poses for as long as my squishy, shaky body could handle.

I couldn’t move for 3 days when it was over…

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yoga for healing

I wanted an exercise program that I could stick to, that toned my body, and made me feel better about myself.

Isn’t that what most people want?

I didn’t realize then, that I was missing key healing information about yoga.

About 6 months later I was on my mat, in front of my T.V. I figured out that you could get free yoga classes on YouTube.

Shout out to my girl Yoga with Adrienne!!

I stumbled onto this video about different kinds of yoga, of which there are 8, and probably many different branches of each. This video was the precursor to a month long, yoga research rabbit hole. Of which, I emerged from feeling all sorts of smarmy and enlightened.

But I digress…

Each type of yoga is designed to do something specific for your body, mind, and spirit. It is a complete, all-encompassing life practice.

Most people only know of Vinyasa, the type that is done in every studio across America. There is so much more to yoga then holding poses and getting a toned bum, however.

There is a yoga for meditation, healing spirit, yoga for healing body trauma, for healing emotional trauma, and a yoga for fitness. It can all be mixed and matched to create a unique practice that is specific to your needs each day. It is so versatile.

But, how do you use it to heal emotional trauma you might wonder?

yoga for healing

Did you know that meditation is also a form of yoga?

Meditation is how I started my healing journey. Meditation in tandem with breathing exercises, and the concentration it requires to flow through each pose allowed me to get out of my head for an hour at at time.

The key to lasting healing is to master your thoughts. This is one of the hardest things to do. Internally obsessing over every little thing that happened to you to create your emotional trauma is how we get stuck in an endless cycle of anxiety and depression.

Yoga and meditation offer an hour or so reprieve from this madness. You’ll find that you start to crave the kind of silence and calm you can find in yoga once you figure out how to reach it.

Meditation is hard at first. I mean, really hard. It requires a lot of redirecting your thoughts, and trying to think about nothing but your breathing. Creating a mantra can really help with this. It gives your mind something to focus on.

It is so worth trying, however, because it is the key to helping you slow down those anxious thoughts that seem to control your brain space.

Once you master your breathing exercises, and your focus, you are well on your way to healing because you now have a handy little tool in your back pocket for when things get tricky again.

Give it a try!

yoga for healing

If you’re new to the concept of yoga, then try a Yoga with Adrienne class on YouTube, she’s excellent for beginners, and really explains the point of each move you are doing.

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